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Current Projects

I have taken on several long-term improvement projects for my property in Cisco, TX. This is an index of the projects and links to any additional project information on the site. The full set of projects have an end goal of providing full self-sustenance in terms of food, energy and fuel.

Project Status Summary More Info
Wind Energy (Partial Power) Starting Jul 2008 One to three vertical axis wind turbines will be used to generate a portion of the electricity for the home and barn  
Wind to Hydrogen for Hydrogen Fuel Cell TBD Wind turbines will be used to power electrolysis units to generate hydrogen for storage. Electricity will be generated by a hydrogen fuel cell.  
Sustenance-level Food Production Coming in 2009 Small scale food production for vegetables and meat (beef, pork, chicken, fish).  
Methane Recovery from Agricultural Waste TBD Conversion of agricultural and other waste into methane. Additional project phase will address conversion to natural gas for heating and cooking  
Algae Growing and Harvesting Methods TBD R&D effort for open and closed system algae growth and harvesting  
Extraction of Algae Oil TBD R&D effort for process and infrastructure for algae oil extraction  
Refining Algae Oil to Fuel TBD R&D effort for process and infrastructure for refining algae oil into fuel. Both diesel and gasoline alternatives will be investigated.  
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