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Music to Download

Recordings by Diggy

Here are a few songs I'd like to share with folks. You can listen to songs directly from this page by select 'Stream'. If you'd like to download the song to your computer permanently, press 'Download'.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps Stream Download
Your Green Eyes Are Making Me Blue (Original) Stream Download
Running From Myself (Original) Stream Download
New York State of Mind Stream Download
Whiff Of The Unexpected (Original) Stream Download
The Thrill Is Gone Stream Download
Funky Groove (Original) Stream Download
Wonderful World (Louis Armstrong) Stream Download
Biker Ballad (Original) Stream Download

Session with Patria

These tunes were recorded in Nov 2003 at TNC Studios in Seattle, WA. The band is Patria, a group of gospel singing brothers with Diggy Bell on keyboards.

Blood of the Lamb Stream Download
Holy Lamb Stream Download
If God is Dead Stream Download
Jesus Came In Stream Download
Midnight Cry Stream Download
More Than Ever Stream Download

Harold Daily Project

These tunes were recorded on Oct 4, 2001 at Sal's Deli in Burien, WA. The Harold Daily Project featured Diggy Bell on keys/harmony vocals, and Mike McDonnell on guitar/vocals.

Drive Stream Download
High Maintenance Woman Stream Download
Make It Happen Stream Download
Alone Stream Download

Where am I Playing

I'm not currently working with a band, but will be making some guest appearances around Texas. I'm also planning to take a trip to Nashville and see if I can rustle up some work out that way. Stay tuned.

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